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HOUSE PLANT TREAT | Kit para nutrição de plantas (Caixa de 4 unidades)

HOUSE PLANT TREAT | Kit para nutrição de plantas (Caixa de 4 unidades)

Este é o kit perfeito para mostrares às tua plantas de casa que te preocupas com elas. Usa-o para nutrir e suplementar as tuas plantas com alguns compostos especiais que as ajudam a permanecer fortes o ano todo, mesmo quando fica muito quente, muito frio ou muito seco.

Um presente ideal para os amantes de plantas.

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Plant Food | 100% seaweed extract


Plant Food | 50ml
Mister | 200ml

How to use

Dilute 5 drops of the concentrated solution per 100 ml of water in a sprayer and shake well. Spray the leaves monthly in winter and fortnightly the rest of the year. Discard the product made after 48 hours.


Plant Food | Glass bottle with rubber and glass pipette.
Mister | Glass bottle with plastic sprayer.
Kraft box (22 x 17 x 7cm).

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Why you should nurture your plants?

Plants don’t just live on light and water!
In the wild, plants can look and reach for nutrients in the soil, but in our homes, they live confined to pots. You will have to take care of them yourself, adding the necessary nutrients so they can grow and stay healthy for many years.

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